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Have a healthy and safe 21st birthday


Have a healthy and safe 21st birthday


Learn about the standards for responsible drinking in the Virginia Tech and Blacksburg Community


Learn about drinking responsibly and healthfully

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National award recognizes Virginia Tech among the leaders in alcohol abuse prevention

Virginia Tech's innovative Party Positive campaign to reduce high-risk drinking recently won top honors from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, a lead organization for the student affairs profession worldwide.

Have a Safe 21st Birthday

Are you turning 21 soon? Most students experience indecision in the face of their 21st birthday – from peer pressure to not truly knowing the effects that alcohol has on the body. The Campus Alcohol Abuse Prevention Center has provided information that can help you have a fun, safe and educated 21st birthday.

Party Positive, Virginia Tech

Students will more than likely attend parties that involve alcohol while at school. CAAPC has provided Virginia Tech students with all of the information necessary to Party Positive. Party Positive shows students how to have a good time while not overdoing it. The section includes tips on how to prepare yourself for decisions you may face, how to limit excessive drinking, and have a good time.

Virginia Tech and Blacksburg Community Standards

Virginia Tech and the town of Blacksburg care about the well being of their students and surrounding community. They urge all members of the community to become good role models for others, especially minors, respect each others’ choices regarding alcohol, adopting healthy and respectful alcohol serving guidelines and knowing and obeying laws.

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